Thailand Photos

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Dr. Kevin McNulty, Pastor David and Miriam Swaggerty in Thailand. Dr. McNulty works with T.L. Osborn as his Ministry Coordinator. He and his wife Leslie have their own "Christian Adventures Ministries" and "Tent 100" Ministries throughout Russia. They have been Co-laborers with T.L. for several years conducting Seminars for Pastors and holding Crusades throughout the world.

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  T.L. Osborn and Pastor David Swaggerty in Thailand. T.L.Osborn is known world-wide as a Man of God who communicates the simple message of the gospel of Jesus Christ with the power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit.
Pastor Swaggerty was invited to join the Osborn Team for the crusade in Bangkok after they had heard about a Dream God had given him about "SIAM " in August of 2003 
Since June 2004, the country of Thailand has been considering changing their Country's name back to SIAM.

Pastor Miriam car


Pastor David and Miriam Swaggerty en route to service in Bangkok.

Pastor gift


Pastor David Swaggerty receives a Gift from the congregation after ministering in Bangkok, Thailand.

Miriam ministering



 Miriam Swaggerty ministering in Khon Kaen, Thailand

Pastor pulpit closeup


 Pastor David Swaggerty delivers the Word in Bangkok, Thailand.


Pastor platform


  Pastor David Swaggerty with a Thai pastor in the Bangkok Church.

Miriam pressing in

 Miriam Swaggerty presses in prayer for a Thai woman.